10 accounts, 1TB of cloud storage
10 accounts, 1TB of cloud storage
All-in-one file share and backup solution
All-in-one file share and backup solution

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Perfect choice for studios - Buy 1TB get 1TB free
10 accounts, at only USD 2.49/month per account!

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Perfect choice for studios - Buy 1TB get 1TB free

10 accounts, at only USD 2.49/month per account!

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Complete backup, absolute safety

Supports multiple types of Internet devices

Automatically uploads PC, notebook computer, NAS, and cell phone photos and other data to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about sudden hard drive failure or running out of space.
*Supports FTP (file transfer protocol)

Back up 10-30 devices

Suitable for data protection in general offices or small companies allowing for 10-30 Internet devices to be backed up. Additional storage space or accounts can be purchased.

All file types are accepted

All file types, including doc/ppt/xls/csv/psd/ai, can be backed up without changing the file path so there is no need to rearrange the file structure after recovery.

Convenient backup, recovery and management

Automatic operation/scheduled backup

After setting the backup destination, files are automatically backed up to the cloud 24HR. Alternatively, you can schedule a backup, scan the files at a predetermined time, and automatically back up changed or new data. No more manual backups.

One key system recovery

Whether your hard drive has failed or you are transferring all the data on your computer, simply press the recovery key to restore every file according to its original file structure. File recovery will never be time-consuming again.

Keyword search and recovery

For large amounts of data, simply key in the keywords during emergency recovery to search for related headings and content in order to quickly locate the file you want.

Immediate recovery - online editing

Supports online editing of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on smartphones or tablets, breaking the boundaries between hardware and software and completing restoration at once

Exclusive cloud control center

Managers can monitor cloud space at any time and flexibly allocate backup space to members depending on the requirements of each case. The allocation is effective immediately to protect your company's assets in real time.

Cloud dynamics report

Through the report generating function, managers can check upload/download records and details at any time to ensure the fair use of backup space.

Public cloud backup for watertight protection

ISO 27001-certified data security cloud service

Public cloud service is certified by an international information security certification body. Regular internal/external verifications are conducted to ensure the data center, equipment and management procedures all comply with safety regulations

Real-time online virus scanning

Real-time virus scanning is carried out when files are being uploaded. Upon detection of a virus, the files are immediately quarantined and become unable to be shared with others to prevent infection.

Multiple encryption technologies

AES encryption algorithms developed by the US are used to protect backed up data. Transfers use bank-grade SSL technology in order to ensure maximum safety during file uploads and downloads.

Multiple backup versions

When backing up edited files in sequence, different versions are automatically managed thereby introducing more options for flexible file recovery.

Flexible file extension name configuration

Effective use of backup space depending on blacklisted or whitelisted file types.

99.9% high-availability remote backup

HA systems are used for the data center's hardware, network connection, data management, and power supply. The system features real-time monitoring and automatic recovery, so if any part of the system experiences a problem, it will still function and provide normal service.
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